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1.Srisaila Devasthanam is an Endowment Institution which supervises the administrative functions necessary to the conduct of the various traditional rituals at Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamyvarla Deavsthanam, Srisailam.              
2.Srisaila Devasthanam  does not solicit or canvass for any offering. Srisaila Devasthanam has its own fund, the corpus of which, shall include all the amounts received by it by way of offering, kanukas including offerings deposited in eHundi
3.It is hereby made clear, therefore all offerings made through the on-line facility is accepted by Srisaila Devasthanam as a non-reclaimable transfer to the Lord's eHundi and the donor is not entitled to any claim that may be available to a consumer under this payment mode. The devotee has read and understood the above and hereby agrees to disclaim any right that may accrue to him as a consumer in an online transaction, in view of the special nature of these services.
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